27 Mar

 I dislike the idea of writing a newsletter about coronavirus when everyone else is writing, talking, thinking and probably crying about coronavirus. But if I don’t write something about it, I know many of you will wonder, since we all also want to know the latest on coronavirus. Sigh…

 I am still in Uganda, and tomorrow, March 28th, is the 21st anniversary of my move to Africa! And we’re having yet another epidemic… When I recently made my decision to remain, there was no coronavirus here. So why run home to the plague in the US? Of course I knew it would eventually hit here too, and it has. So far (as of March 27) only 14 cases. President Museveni has been very proactive, initiating school and church closures even before any outbreak hit here. Now we have both police and military enforcing the rules.

It may seem strange, but in this time of great global insecurity, I find my heart full of joy, and even a measure of excitement. There are many Bible verses regarding plagues and pestilences, such as Psalm 91 and 2 Chronicles 7: 13-14, which contain many promises to God’s people. Why am I joyful and excited? Because of what I see God already doing!

•    There are many testimonies of prayers pushing back the influx of locust hordes in northern Uganda

•    After months of struggling to get my SUV properly repaired, changing mechanics numerous 

times, we finally got it well repaired and back home on Monday night 

•    We went to Kampala as advised to stock up on food supplies on Tuesday

•    Wednesday the country was essentially locked down

•    Thursday my neighbor’s son got home from Kampala in spite of travel restrictions, because of the funds I sent him for finishing the work on my truck. If I’d been able to pay him last weekend, that money would not have been available to him, and he would’ve been stranded

God’s timing is impeccable!

In addition, 2 other missionary families from my church Jacob's Well in Spokane, Washington, who found it necessary to return to the US, managed to get flights out of Uganda just prior to our one international airport closing down Sunday night at midnight.

We tried to buy some chloroquine as it’s a common malaria remedy here, and is reputed (but not proven) to treat coronavirus. But everyone else had the same idea, and there is none to be had. So we laugh and trust God some more…

Yesterday several of us spent a few hours around my dining table making an herbal drink that is said to increase immunities. While it may or may not help prevent catching the virus, it’s therapeutic to be working on something that appears constructive, and talking about what we see God doing in the world. I jerry rigged a hand washing setup for my front porch, designed a bilingual “wash your hands” sign, and it’s been fun to watch my neighbors laughing as they realize they now need to wash their hands before entering my home. And as one of them said, “It’s times like these that we need to look out for each other.”

Here are some prayer requests:

o    Of course for good health

o    For safety and security, as there is already much theft and robbery taking place as people are being forced to close their small businesses

o    For those who may be stranded because of transportation shut-downs in a nation where the majority have to use public transportation

o    For the poor people who basically don’t eat if they don’t work

o    That God will do a mighty work in this troubled world of ours, and may will come to know and trust Him

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